Penguin Jump Support

Tap the screen to go left and right. To go straight rapidly tap the screen.

Enemies on the dark blue platforms will not directly damage you. Avoid falling off the dark blue platform at all costs!

If you get stuck press the screen again to go the opposite direction. However, more than likely it will result in game over.

You can turn on and off the music from the Pause menu. Click the sound button. Sound with ripples means the sound is on.

Purchase the Ad Free version from the Store located in the main menu. You will have to leave your current game if you are in one. All progress will be lost if you exit during your current game.

Please see our general Frequently Asked Questions for general questions about our games.

If you have exhausted these suggestions. Please contact JPSHRCER directly. Thanks for troubleshooting. We hope you get back to playing. Thanks again!


Last Updated: Sunday, September 18, 2022 11:45 AM